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08 April 2010 @ 12:45 pm
Written for Choutarou's birthday (obviously, lol) but never posted it because it was too sappy, OOC, and so very un-Shishido-like XD; But if it makes anyone happy, then ^^;

Title: Romanticism
Author: ieatchu / shikanashi_kk
Word Count: 1014
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Shishido Ryou / Ohtori Choutarou

Summary: In which Shishido is romantic. Err.


"Shishido-san, isn't this a little bit..." Choutarou trailed off, looking down at himself as he pulled at his collar that was starting to seem as if it wanted to choke him. "Uhm. Too much?"

Shishido stopped walking, turned around and looked him over from head to toe. Choutarou fidgeted. "It is," Shishido said, shrugging. He pulled down at Choutarou's tie and pressed his lips against his kohai's, grinning in the kiss. He gave Choutarou's lips a playful lick. "But it looks good on you, so."

Choutarou turned beet red because of several things. One, Shishido-san just complimented him. Two, Shishido-san just kissed him. Three, Shishido-san just kissed him in public. Of course, it was nighttime and they were in the suburbs, not the center of the city itself so the only one who probably saw his neighbor's cat, but it still meant something.

"Okay," Choutarou replied and figured that wearing formal attire when they really had nowhere expensive to go to was a good thing if Shishido-san kissed him again like that. (Choutarou knew they had nowhere expensive to go because Shishido-san was in his usual shorts and shirt and cap.)

He reached up to pull at his collar again, but Shishido took his hand and entwined their fingers before pulling his kohai to where they were originally going. By then, Choutarou was already over-heating because Shishido-san was holding his hand in public!

But it felt good, when Choutarou peeked to the side, to know that Shishido-san was also as red as he was.

They continued walking like that in comfortable silence with the cold wind blowing. It was already around eight, and while there were a few people out of their houses (who stared at them as they walked by) celebrating either Valentine's or Chinese New Year, it was mostly a quiet evening other than for the fireworks in the distance from whatever event was going on in the city.

But the way they were going was starting to become increasingly familiar...

Choutarou blinked.

"Shishido-san, are we going..."

Shishido looked behind his shoulder and gave him a small smile. "Yeah."

They were in high school now, with Shishido in his last year. All of them continued in Hyoutei, but the high school building and the junior high building, considering how big Hyotei was, was almost three blocks in distance. Hyotei had various gates, so from Choutarou's house, the way to the junior building and the way to the high school building was different.

Choutarou kind of missed going this way.

"Are, err, are we even allowed?" He asked tentatively as the school gate came into view.

Shishido sighed, before grinning at him. "Lame, Choutarou."

Surprisingly, the gate was open. Choutarou was about to ask, until Shishido turned sharply to the right. He blinked. "We're not going to the tennis courts?"

Shishido snorted. "You really wanna eat surrounded by all that dirt?"

They entered the school building, going up three flights of stairs. Choutarou didn't ask why the lights were open even though no one was in the building. It was scary too, being all alone in the school building, even with the lights open. Every school has their share of ghost stories too, after all, so Choutarou scuffled closer to Shishido-san as they walked.

Shishido just tightened his grip around his kohai's hand.

"Here," Shishido said, proudly.

Choutarou laughed. "The music room?"

They entered the room, where the lights were already open. Strips of Japanese paper were stuck to the ceiling in a design that reminded Choutarou of festivals and heart-shaped balloons also littered the floor. The fluoresecent light wasn't exactly romantic, but Choutarou certainly felt a big, big smile pulling at his lips when he saw the small table a few feet away from the piano.

Of course, Choutarou didn't expect a fancy dinner, but the burgers and the fries and the sodas made him laugh.

"'cause I know you don't like fancy stuff," Shishido shrugged, a bit embarrassed now. He let go of Choutarou's hand to close the door, and when he turned back, arms wound around him and lips gently pressed against his.

Grinning, Shishido wrapped his arms around Choutarou's neck, pushing his tongue between his kohai's lips, appreciating the small 'mmm' that sounded from Choutarou's throat.

When they pulled away, Choutarou looked down at himself once again. "So why am I wearing this again?"

Shishido shrugged. "Isn't it nice to dress up for your birthday? Besides, you look hot."

Choutarou's face flushed. Shishido grinned and kissed him again.

"By the way, the ceiling and the balloons weren't my idea," Shishido said, looking warily at the balloon by his feet. "Oshitari wouldn't take no for an answer. I think they're really cheesy."

Choutarou laughed. "That's okay, Shishido-san. I think they're cute."

"Okay then," Shishido shrugged. He walked past Choutarou towards the table. "And don't worry so much about your clothes. You'll be taking them off later anyway."

Choutarou flustered, but chose not to comment. He didn't have a witty comeback to that.

"You hungry?" Shishido asked, grinning at him.

Smiling, Choutarou walked towards him and sat on the other side of the table. "Yeah."

Surprisingly, the food was still hot.

"Why the music room though?" he asked, looking around. Other than the ceiling and the balloons, there wasn't anything particularly special...

Shishido shrugged. "I like watching you play the piano," he said, which was a bit of a grumble because that was kind of embarrassing to admit. Choutarou blinked at him. He could feel his face heating up. "What?"

Choutarou laughed. "Nothing," he said, before a soft smile spread over his face. "Thank you, Shishido-san."

Okay, Shishido thought, that made wounding his manly pride and begging Atobe and Oshitari and Gakuto and Taki and Hiyoshi worth it. (Jiroh and Kabaji were kind, kind souls and didn't require much self-humiliation.)

"Yeah, yeah," Shishido said, trying not to seem too mushy. He smiled back. "Happy Birthday, Choutarou. And Happy Valentine's Day. And Happy Chinese New Year."

Choutarou laughed.

"Oh, also," Shishido said, stealing a French fry from Choutarou's plate.

"I love you."


xianaasuka on April 8th, 2010 04:53 am (UTC)
This is so cute bb ;____; I love those two and their burger-eating ways! ♥
amyused on April 8th, 2010 07:13 am (UTC)
D'awwww, the last line made me smiley sillily! Sappy, yeah, but I think this was adorable, so thanks for posting it anyway! :D
kei_kkchan on April 13th, 2010 09:02 am (UTC)
awwwww... so kyute in an utterly adorable turn-my-brain-to-mush sort of way ^__^ Seeing Shishido so.. out of his element just for his kouhai is totally great ^__^
akabun_rikkai on May 4th, 2010 12:26 am (UTC)
Awwwwwww The last line is just <3 !
wanderlustmyne on June 1st, 2010 03:46 pm (UTC)
"And Happy Chinese New Year."

Oh, well sneaked-in. (Snuck in?)